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The Pickle Bucket Challenge

The Pickle Bucket Challenge At Omni Supply we enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with our distributors and customers. Our goal is to help them design the safe and correct grease containment solutions for their locations. In this article we are focusing on a custom solution to rectify the problem in this picture. As you can […]

The Grease Pool

The Grease Pool One of our goals at Omni Supply is to work closely with our distributors to deliver perfect solutions for all rooftop grease containment needs. One of our philosophies is not only to create products that will help keep people safe, but we also like to actively be a part of the safety-creating […]

Four Reasons You Need a Lane Guard

Four Reasons You Need a Lane Guard If you have a commercial restaurant, chances are you have a grease dumpster and a grease dumpster area. This area is susceptible to nasty and dangerous grease spills. Omni Supply has an awesome product that helps you keep your business clean: Lane Guard™. It is designed to be […]

Add on Revenue: Grease Dumpster Pads

Add on Revenue: Grease Dumpster Pads Service and safety providers in the restaurant servicing industry often concentrate their attention only on the restaurant building itself. Protecting the restaurant from fire, and making sure it’s clean, safe, and meets health standards should be the main priority. But there is a place outside the restaurant that often […]

Five Reasons to Choose a Grease Gutter

Five Reasons to Choose a Grease Gutter Your main goal as a commercial restaurant owner or manager should be to keep your property, team, and customers safe. Omni Containment Systems was born out of the same purpose. We strive to create products that help our customers remain safe and compliant with the industry codes and […]

Job Pricing – Don’t Under Estimate Your Value

Job Pricing – Don’t Underestimate Your Value  I am amazed and surprised when I see business owners posting online about how much they should be pricing for a particular job or service. Determining the right pricing requires you to understand what you actually sell. Every customer is buying more than your time. They are buying […]

Creating & Updating NFPA Standards: Educating the KEC Industry

Summary Knowing the process for creating and updating the standards provides a foundation to give you the ability to better explain the standard, the effect of the standard, and its application to your customer as you establish yourself as an SME. Too often, commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is treated as an afterthought to the fire […]